Who do we thank for sponsoring our event by giving extra?

  • There are many people and businesses that have helped to make this event great.  We will acknowledge them all when we present our proceeds in the near future.  However, some businesses have gone above and beyond to financially make this event possible.  We would like to thank our sponsors: EnviroSolids, LLC., Eastown Distributors, On the Rocks, Grizzly’s, and Trinity Transportation with a special thanks to Frank’s Café and Mitten Pub for stepping up when we asked.

Do you really still have a question?


​​​​What do I get for my ticket purchase?

  • For your purchase, you will receive a sweet silicone wristband to show you are a part of an event unlike ANYTHING else in Southeastern Michigan. It's a KILLER 10 hour ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL at 10 Pubs in Wyandotte from 4 PM to 2 AM with hundreds of ghoulish guzzlers. It's also a crowd-fundraising event to save the TaTas by devouring brains and donating proceeds to the Yes Ma’am program at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital which provides free mammograms to uninsured women of the Downriver Area.
  • Want more for your $$... how about cheap drinks? Only zombies with a Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl Wristband will get the discounted drinks at each of the 10 pubs. That’s right!! 10 pubs in 10 hours!! Any wanna-be-zombies without a wristband will be publicly shamed and then staked through their melon.
  • Still want more for your $$... how about a sweet, free WYAZPC neon green bpa free plastic 14 oz. beer stein, free to every zombie!
  • If it weren’t enough already, each wristband entitles you to free rides on our 2 ZomBuses which will be hauling your carcass around town from 4:30pm to 2:30am.  Be sure to be courteous and tip your ZomBus driver or they may crack your zombie skull.  See the map for the STARs which are designated bus stops.
  • The best thing that you get for your $$ is the satisfaction of saving a life.  Net proceeds from the event are given to the Yes, Ma’am program at the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital which provides free breast exams and mammograms to uninsured women.

What do zombies need to know about check-in?

  • The location for early check-in from 4pm – 9pm is at Grizzly’s Sports Bar which is located at

1519 Oak St., Wyandotte, MI 48192

      ^^Address is hyperlinked to Google Maps ^^

  • The location for the late check-in from 9pm – 2am is Sushi Bar next door to On the Rocks located at

130 Maple St., Wyandotte, MI 48192
^^Address is hyperlinked to Google Maps ^^

  • You will need your ID and a copy of your receipt at check-in.  You can print your receipt, show us a copy of it from your email or from the Eventbrite app on your smartphone.  If you forget your printed receipt, we can check you in with your ID and email that you registered with when you purchased your ticket from Eventbrite.  If you don't have your ID, receipt, or the email that you registered with, then it will be difficult to check you in, but we will do our best to work it out.  If you purchased a hard printed ticket from On the Rocks or Brian Webb, then you will need to have the ticket to receive a wristband.

Why do zombies need a wristband?

  • Zombies like guzzling discounted drinks.  No wristband, No cheap drinks for you to guzzle!  Get a wristband and Party On zombie.
  • Each pub will have discounted drinks, which are $2 domestic beers like Miller Lite and Coors Light, $3 well drinks, and $3 house wines.  Many pubs will also have shot specials for zombies.  No wristband, no cheap drinks!
  • Each wristband gets you a free sweet WYAZPC 14 oz. beer stein.​

What else do zombies need to know about wristbands?

  • NO!  We will not give your wristband to you before check-in starts at 4:00 PM.
  • You MUST come to one of the two check-in locations to pick-up your own wristband.  You have to provide your id to prove you are 21+ and sign a waiver release form.
  • Yes! You must be 21+ to receive a wristband and prove it with ID. 
  • Yes! You must present your wristband before purchasing each drink to receive the discount.
  • Wristbands do NOT mean you get free drinks.  They mean you get discounted drinks.  Without a wristband you pay full price...which adds up over 10 hours.  Don't be a broke-ass zombie.  Save $$$.
  • If you don't come to the event, but would still like your wristband as a memento, then email us at wyazombiepubcrawl@gmail.com.  We’ll get it to you in the mail.
  • Wristbands were generously donated by White Furniture.

How does the zombie pub crawl work?

  • At check-in we will be dividing the participants into groups of 30 zombies.  This will help to reduce wait times to be served at the pubs and to keep under capacity limits.
  • If you have a large group of people, try to meet and check-in together so we can keep you together.  If a friend shows up late, they are welcome to join your group at whichever pub you are at AFTER they check-in 4-9 at Grizzly’s or after 9 pm at Sushi Bar/On the Rocks.
  • At 4:30  PM, the first group of 30 zombies that checked-in will be sent off to their first pub on the ZomBus.  We will continue the process until everyone is checked-in, assigned to a group, and off to their first pub on the Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl.
  • When walking around Downtown Wyandotte, be a good zombie.  Growl, hiss, spew blood, chant "What do we want?  BRAINS! How do they taste? Guuurgglllll!!!"  Have fun dragging your limbs with arms extended.  Do NOT do anything dangerous like crossing against signals, jay walking, walking into on-coming traffic, bang on cars or business windows.  You're dead, but not immune to the laws of physics, mortality, and man.  However, if you find to the contrary, please Facebook live it and share with us all.
  • Zombie-wanna-bees are cheap and jump into the party without buying a ticket which doesn't help provide free breast exams and mammograms for the lady zombies.  BAD ZOMBIE-WANNA-BEES!!!  Please publicly shame zombie-wanna-bees by chanting, "Do we have a zombie-wanna-be?  Yes, we have a zombie-wanna-be. Do we eat zombie-wanna-bees?  Yes, we eat zombie-wanna-bees!"  Then give them an atomic wedgie high enough to split their brains. 
  • Everyone will be given a map at check-in with the list of bars, the ZomBus route, and ZomBus pickup/drop-off stops.
  • Eveyone will be given a Mitten Pub Scavenger Hunt list of items to find or do at each of the 10 pubs.  The first person to find/do all 10 items and prove it with pictures will receive a $300 cash prize.  See the Scavenger hunt section for full details.
  • If your group leaves you accidentally (or purposely), then catch up to them at the next pub.  It's all good.  Zombies have no worries!
  • If you leave the group purposely, then you are own your own and welcome to make your own route.  
  • The Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl ends officially at 2 AM.
  • The Zombus makes last pickups between 2 and 2:30 AM.  If you need a ride after that, use one of the ride apps.

How does the Mitten Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt work?

  • At check-in, you will receive a map with the 10 pubs on the zombie pub crawl, along with a sheet with the details of what you have to do or find at each of the 10 pubs.
  • The Mitten Pub is putting up a $300 cash prize to the first person that visits all 10 pubs, finds and does all 10 items. Be the 1st person to take pics on your mobile to prove you found the items and completed the tasks EXACTLY!!! as they are written, at all 10 of the pubs.  Too few or too many people in pic (EXACT # REQUIRED) or not doing the action described will disqualify the pic. NO EXCEPTIONS. Bring your mobile with the pics to Grizzly’s before 9 PM or to On the Rocks after 9 PM.  One of the check-in volunteers will verify that you have indeed completed the Mitten Pub Scavenger Hunt. Once the volunteer confirms you have all the items, they will give you Brian Webb’s cell phone number and you will need to call him.  You will be given his location and you will need to meet him to collect your prize while broadcast on Facebook Live from the Mitten Pub.  We will post in the event, so everyone knows that we have a winner of the Mitten Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt.  DO NOT GO BEHIND BARS, BOTHER STAFF OR GO INTO RESTRICTED AREAS!!

So, I have an awesome costume and I want a prize?

  • Everyone that wants to be in the costume contest MUST be at Whiskeys on the Water by 9:15.  The 1st round contest begins promptly at 9:30.  The crowd will decide the top 3 zombie costumes, the top 3 group zombie costumes (must be 2 or more zombies), and the top 3 zombie hunters.  Everyone that wins the 1st round MUST be at On the Rocks by 10:45 pm.  The costume finals starts promptly at 11 pm at On the Rocks.  The crowd will decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd for best zombie, best group zombie and best zombie hunter.  The prizes for 1st zombie and group is $300 in gift cards.  The prizes for 2nd zombie and group is $200 in gift cards.  The prizes for 3rd zombie and group is $100 in gift cards.  Prize for best zombie hunter is a special gift bag from Top Gun.  The prize for 2nd zombie hunter is $50 in gift cards and $25 gift card to 3rd zombie hunter.

Can a zombie get into the Afterlife or pre-party?

  • This year we are focusing solely on making the Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl the funest party of all year!  We are making the pubs the party instead of containing it all in one hall.  So come dance, drink, laugh, play dead… because in the morning….it’s back to life ☹

If the party is in the pubs, where and when do I need to be?

  • Once you checked-in, you are free to crawl to whichever of the 10 pubs, whenever you like, but if you want to be a part of the zombie horde you need to know this schedule.  There will also be regular Facebook Live broadcasts throughout the night, so check the Facebook event <hyperlinked to event page) often for updates.  Here’s the schedule: