We are ALWAYS looking for good people that want to help us with this event.  Contact us anytime if you want to be involved.  The 2018 WYAZPC will be October 13th.  So contact us if you can help with things like:

​Zombie Herder

  • Zombies need herders to shuffle them safely from pub to pub and keep them on schedule because Zombies have no sense of time since they have eternity.

Zombie Check-in

  • Zombies are unorganized.  Help them get organized.

Raffle items

  • This is a fundraiser and we need help finding items for raffles.
  • Know of any businesses or friends that have cool stuff?  Ask if they will help us by providing an item or service.

Website Design

  • Looking for a reliable web designer that would be interested in helping or giving us pointers.


  • We need a person that has connections for marketing and advertising to help us get the word out about the fundraiser. 


  • Any other talents that you have and want to share with this fun event?



Call us:

(734) 530-1569